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(these terms and conditions apply to both our string rental, band rental, and fretted rental instruments)

– Your first rental period begins when the instrument is delivered to your school or picked up from the store. Rental periods will begin automatically until you return your instrument or pay the full purchase price. Your credit card will be charged at the beginning of each rental period. If the instrument is purchased, it will no longer be covered under our maintenance and insurance plan.

– There is no long-term commitment. You can cancel your rental agreement at any time. You can return instruments directly to our store to cancel. If returning instruments to your school, you must contact Clemmer Music first. Do so by phone: 267-664-9971, email:, or in person at our Telford location. All rental fees are charged at the beginning of a rental period; and, no monies will be reimbursed for returned instruments when rental fee has already been charged.

– Students can only use one trial period per instrument.

– All Rental fees are accrued towards the retail price purchase of the instrument. Taxes do not apply. All our instruments are rent-to-own. Because of this, when your payments equal the full retail cost of the instrument you officially own it. All instruments can be purchased in full at a 25% discount off the retail price, if the amount less than 50% of the retail price has accrued during the rental. You can also apply 50% your rental credit towards the purchase towards an upgraded instrument. If a rental is discontinued, monies paid will not be carried over for purchase of an instrument if a student starts up again at a later time. By cancelling a rental, you are forfeiting any accrued credits towards a future purchase.

– Maintenance/Insurance Plan. We promise to repair or replace anything that is damaged or broken do to a defect. Loaner instruments will be provided, if available. Accessories and consumables (rosin, reeds, oil, cleaning cloths, picks, polish etc.) are not covered under the maintenance plan. If the instrument is purchased, it will no longer be covered under our maintenance and insurance plan. Clemmer Music is a local family owned store providing quality instruments at an affordable rate. Because of this, we ask that instruments are well maintained and cared for. Customers are responsible for any repair needs or replacement needs caused by neglect, abuse, or deliberate misuse.

-If you need to switch instrument sizes, you may do so at any point (with the teacher’s approval). In addition, if you are not satisfied with the quality of your instrument or would like a different model, call us: 267-664-9971, email: and we would be happy to arrange an exchange.

-Clemmer Music retains ownership of all instruments until the instrument is fully paid for, either through purchase or rent-to-own payments. You will not own any instrument, until you make all of the regularly scheduled payments or you use the early purchase option. If you miss a payment, Clemmer Music has the right to repossess the property, but you may have the right to the return of the same or similar property.

-If your account becomes past due, Clemmer Music (or the collections agency of its choice) reserves all rights to collect any unpaid amounts up to the full retail value of the instrument rented to you. Rental fees will continue to accrue until the account is paid in full or the instrument is returned. If the account becomes ninety days delinquent, the full retail value of the instrument minus the rental fees already paid will become due immediately.

– A $25.00 fee will be charged for all checks returned due to insufficient funds. The customer is responsible for all legal fees and collection fee accrued as a result of delinquency.