Guitar Lessons

Guitar tends to be a very unique instrument because it is so versatile and because it has become such a primary instrument in pop culture. Most guitar students tend to be very interested in playing what they listen to, because of the popular music trends. Our teachers try and find that balance between teaching foundational method and proper form all while integrating music that students will enjoy playing. Students can learn classical guitar, rock, jazz, country, worship, blues or whatever their style. We match students with a teacher who will work with the style they want to learn whether they are a beginner, intermediate or advanced guitarist.


Most students can start at a young age. Playing guitar takes a lot of strength in the wrists and fingers to be able to push down the strings. We find that children at least 7 years of age do well learning guitar. If your child is younger than 7 and is persistent about the guitar, try introducing the piano which hones skills that can be transferred to the guitar.


We also offer lessons for Bass Guitar.


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